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I'm Dr. Marney Johnson, ND

Though working in allopathic medical research trying to find solutions to important medical issues, I struggled with my own. I knew there had to be a better solution than pharmaceutical drugs to suppress my symptoms. I wanted a real answer: what was the root cause of my issues and how could I actually SOLVE it once and for all?

So, I left medical research and went to naturopathic medical school. I finally had access to a naturopathic physician who correctly diagnosed my autoimmune conditions and I started my journey on the Natural Path to Wellness. 

Now, I get to help others on their health journeys by combining my skills as a researcher, my knowledge as a trained naturopathic physician, and my passion for helping others learn and grow. I blend modern research, ancient and traditional wisdom, and professional expertise from myself and others to create courses that will help you finally understand your doctor's orders and how to use natural, alternative, and integrative medicine to regain your health. I want to help you STOP "treating symptoms" and START healing your body. 



"That's one of the things I love about Dr. Johnson! She has a way of explaining really difficult concepts in a really understandable way."

- Naturopathic Medical Student

"In all the years I've been on these drugs, all the doctors who have prescribed them, not a single one told me about that [common and expected side effect]. I thought it was me! Why didn't they tell me?!"

- Private Client

"...I have noticed improvements in every area of my health...She has single-handedly improved my quality of life, I am so grateful to Natural Path to Wellness!"

- Private Client

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